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About Mountain Fitness & Recovery

We specialize in Sports/Team/Group Training, Post-Rehab Programs, Body Sculpting & Competition Prep and Mountain Hiking Tours


Certified Personal Trainer

Group/ Team Experience

  • 6+ Years Youth Basketball Coach (5-12 yrs) 

  • 1+ Year Youth Baseball Coach (8-10 yrs)

  • 8+ Years Youth Soccer Coach (5-12 yrs)

  • 1+ Years JV Girls Soccer Coach (14-15 yrs)

  • 1+ Years Group/Team Plyometrics & Core Training (All ages)

  • 2+ Years Basketball Agility Developmental Training (5-20 yrs)

  • 2+ Years Basketball Skill Development Training (5-20 yrs)

Program/Personal Training Experience

  • Amputee / Prosthetic Fitness Program & Development

  • Post Rehab Program Programs & Development

  • Teenage / Fitness Program & Development

Personal Athletic Experience

  • 2 Time NPC Competitor - Men's Physique & Classic Physique

  • DII - NAIA - Collegiate Soccer (4yrs)

  • High School Basketball & Soccer


My Fitness Journey & Coaching Others

Like many others, my fitness journey has had its ups and downs.  I was bullied for being overweight as a young child.  This was mentally debilitating, yet overcoming these false projections from others has become monumental in my current and future success, and has helped create the passion for coaching/supporting/training others with compassion, persistence, and love.    Many blessings have come to my life from following the 3 P's (Passion ~ Persistence ~ Perseverance).   I realized quickly my body would not fail as quick as my mind would.  I lead basketball and soccer teams to playoff tournaments and accomplished my dream of playing collegiate soccer with some of the greatest men I've ever met.  I was pushed by coaches, family, teammates, and myself to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The best part of this portion of my journey helped develop foundational coaching experiences as a player on and off the field.  Leading teams to compete in National Tournaments as a captain, mentoring/coaching younger players, volunteering with underprivileged children were some of the amazing blessings and experiences that have helped shape Mountain Fitness + Recovery's core values.  

The recovery part of my fitness journey has had more than just a couple of physical and mental setbacks.  A broken wrist, broken fingers, concussions, stitches, dislocated knee/broken patella, becoming overweight, and loss of family members are just a few of the major obstacles I've had to face.   What was broken had to be rebuilt slowly.  Persistence was and still is a key part of my prior physical recovery as well as continuing mental recovery.  

Past experiences have shaped how passionate I am about helping you overcome your obstacles.  I'm here to push/support/coach/lead you to reach your goals.  I hope to share my experiences with passion on your journey.

Mountain Fitness + Recovery Team

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